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  • Can you confirm your course is accredited?

    Yes. We are pleased to say that our course and all of its materials have been fully accredited by the PeopleCert.

  • Do I have to buy my own course materials

    After payment has been made PRINCE2 Training will supply, your own courseware folder, the official Management of Portfolio manual, (which is yours to keep), refreshments, both official examinations dependant on chosen course, pre-course work supplied via email and official certificate(s)

  • How much are the exams?

    PRINCE2 Training are happy to say that your Foundation & Practitioner examinations are included in the overall course cost. All subsequent exam re-takes are subject to an additional fee

  • Do I need to study before attending the course?

    Yes. As a pre-requisite, we provide pre-course work via email that we strongly advise you work through prior to attending. We will supply the official manual that we'd like for you read and complete a few short exercises that need to be handed to the instructor upon arrival on the course

  • Can I take the Practitioner exam first?

    To take the Practitioner exam you must first gain a Pass at the Foundation level. Proof of this will be required if seeking to take the Practitioner exam only

  • When do I get confirmation of the course that I booked?

    As soon as payment has been made and received may it be over the phone or via our online booking system, an email will be despatched detailing the course location, pre-course work, course agenda and payment receipt. Please keep this email for your own records

  • How long is the course?

    The daily hours are on average 09:00 to 17:00. We would like for you to arrive at approximately 08:45. The instructor will discuss the remaining days upon your arrival on the first day.

  • I've had homework on other training courses but is there homework for this course?

    There will be work that requires completion each evening and will be set by the instructor at the end of each day.

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MoP® Management of Portfolios

MoP® Foundation and Practitioner

Many organizations have focused for some time on the effective delivery of change initiatives, often through the application of project and programme frameworks that have stood the test of time. However, often, these initiatives have not been prioritized, balanced and managed effectively at corporate, or at least group, level. Therefore, frequently, little attention has been paid to the question “Are we investing in the right change initiatives in the first place? (as well as managing them in the right way). In recent years Portfolio Management has emerged as a way of answering this question. The course and the associated qualification are based on extensive research into the practice of Portfolio Management which is defined as:

“…as a coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that, together, enable a more effective balance of organizational change and business as usual.”

Portfolios represent “…the totality of an organization’s investment (or segment thereof) in the changes required to achieve its strategic objectives.”

MoP is about establishing good practices, a supportive and enabling culture and an effective structural framework, all underpinned by five key principles which drive the practices, culture and structure. Therefore, it is not prescriptive; instead the guidance focuses on ‘keys to success’, so enabling sufficient flexibility to ensure it is universally applicable to any type of organization, regardless of sector, ownership, size, etc.

MoP® Foundation and Practitioner Training (including examinations)

Following confirmation of booking we will send the Pre-Course work to the delegate. This work consists of;

1) Reading 3 chapters of the Management of Portfolios course manual

The pre-course work on a the course will require around 15 hours of study prior to the course start date. The MoP® Foundation and Practitioner training event is an intensive 5 day course that includes the MoP® Foundation and Practitioner examinations within the course. Upon booking, Joining Instructions that describe the course location and other administrative details will also be emailed. In addition, delegates will be required to complete a MINIMUM of 2 hours homework each evening which will be set by the instructor.


Anyone with an interest and/or role in delivering programmes and projects, and organizational strategy from inception to delivery, will benefit from familiarizing and understanding the guidance . This includes members of management boards and directors of change; senior responsible owners, portfolio, programme, project, business change and benefits managers, business case writers and project appraisers, as well as teams from functions including, but not limited to, finance, information technology, procurement, human relations, strategic planning, performance management.


The course prepares delegates for both the Foundation and Practitioner level MoP® qualifications.

Preparation for the Foundation level qualification consists of a 3 day course which includes an objective test (‘multiple choice’) examination at the end of day 3 (50 questions in 40 minutes, pass mark 50%).

The Practitioner level course lasts a further 1 1/2 days and includes a thorough preparation for the exam which takes place on the morning of the second Practitioner study day. It is a 3 h examination which is scenario based and tests the ability to apply best practice Portfolio Management guidance to this scenario. The exam is also an objective test examination; there are a total of 80 questions, divided into four sections. The pass mark is also 50%.

The qualifications are designed and accredited by PeopleCert. 

Course Content

The nature of MoP and how it fits with other HM Government best practice guidance, including in particular Programme and Project management

The strategic and organizational context: MoP and Business as Usual; MoP and Strategic and Business Planning; MoP and Budgeting and Resource Allocation; MoP and Performance Management; collaborative working between Portfolio Management and other key corporate functions / departments

The five principles of Portfolio Management: Senior Management Commitment; Governance Alignment; Strategy Alignment; Portfolio Office; Energized Change Culture

Portfolio definition cycle: The definition cycle consists of establishing five key practices: understand; categorize; prioritize; balance; plan

Portfolio delivery cycle: The delivery cycle consists of seven key practices: management control; benefits management; financial management; risk management; stakeholder engagement; organizational governance; resource management

The best practice guidance for MoP also includes coverage of Portfolio management roles, documentation and an assessment of the impact of portfolio management.

In each chapter the focus is firmly on introducing and discussing good practice, based on real world experience, drawn from a wide range of organisations and regularly brought to life by reference to pertinent examples.

This MoP® course is offered by The Knowledge Academy

To BOOK please choose the COURSE DATES tab on the left to book your MoP® course

Includes the following:-

  • The official Management of Portfolios course manual
  • Courseware Book
  • Pre-Course Material
  • Exams
  • Certificates
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Refreshments

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