Where PRINCE2 Fits In

Most projects are not normally undertaken by the particular company or organisation in isolation to everything else. It is important that a project is taken in accordance to an overall strategy which has been put in place.

Most organisations, if not all have a purpose and this is what they are defined by and they often articulate this to the general public by a statement of their vision along with their values and goals.  Once these goals are put into place, the organisation will then develop a strategy to meet these targets head on and ensure these goals turn into a reality.

In order to ensure that the goals are met, the organisation will break them down into manageable parts and objectives. Once this has been done, the project can begin with the use of PRINCE2.

A project is a temporary structure which is created in order to achieve a specific business benefit or objective. When the work has been completed, this project is discarded as it is no longer needed. Each project has a life cycle whereby the sequence it will take can be seen in order to produce the final product. The project life cycle will cover each task by designing the product and testing it for operational use. PRINCE2 covers this project life cycle.

PRINCE2 is not intended to cover all subjects which are relevant to project management (the umbrella term). The tools and techniques employed will vary according to the type of project which is being handled and the environment it is a part of. PRINCE2 will cover the overall management of the project and the management of any resources involved in carrying out the project. Thus PRINCE2 will cover the ground work of the project and any planning which needs to be made. It has eight processes;

  • Starting up a project
  • initiating a project
  • Directing a project
  • Planning
  • Controlling a stage
  • Managing stage boundaries
  • Managing product delivery
  • Closing a project

These processes will then be broken down into 45 sub processes – each defining a number of activities which should be considered during the entire project life cycle.

The point of PRINCE2 is to divide a project into manageable parts and stages with a clear beginning, middle and end.  This is why PRINCE2 has grown in popularity over the last few years; it simplifies the complicated.


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