The PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

For many of our PRINCE2 foundation exam candidates, it has been years since last sitting an examination at school, university or college.

Memories of late night revision sessions, squeaky tables and spilt ink may come flooding back and the relief and elation felt when finishing that final paper may be lost under the fear at the prospect of the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination which is part of the PRINCE2 Foundation and Foundation & Practitioner courses. However, there is nothing to worry about when the time comes to sit the exam, as a combination of reading this blog post, getting the most out of the course training content as possible and  staying focussed during the exam will mean that you are very likely to flourish.

Before the course: As well as our training giving delegates a thorough grasp of the PRINCE2 foundation methodology, we also spend time equipping our delegates with the ability to apply their knowledge to the exams. Our pre-course work, if the recommended 15 hours of study are dedicated to it, gives each delegate confidence and assurance of key ideas before they enter the classroom. Not starting from scratch means that you get more out of the three days with the instructor and the course feels less intensive as your memory is refreshed with the key concepts rather than having to understand them again. The elaboration and greater detail found in the PRINCE2 Foundation course itself also means that it is good to have an understanding of the basics to be able to grasp the more advanced ideas fully.

During the course: You are also set homework to do each night, which is tempting to avoid after a tough day, but the two hours spent at the end of the day in your hotel room perfecting your knowledge are certainly worth it in the long run. A mix of PRINCE2 foundation examination practice papers and additional study material will give you a run through of the likely PRINCE2 foundation examination content before you sit it. These insights are key to relieving the fear of sitting an exam for the first time in years, as you have already sat several from the comfort of your hotel room.

The exam: The PRINCE2 foundation exam itself is 70 questions long, which are all multiple choice. You have one hour to answer these questions and must get 50% of them correct, i.e. 35 out of 70. Most candidates find that they have enough time to make at least two pass throughs, one to answer the questions that have clear and immediate answers, one to return to the previously unanswered questions once fully focussed and able to apply logic to the situation, then a final check of the answers is also possible within the hour. All equipment is provided but if you have a lucky pen then please feel free to bring it. Take your time and good luck!

Another ideal solution to feeling unprepared for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is to bring in your real world experience and apply that to the course and examination. Whether you've spent years managing projects or are a brand new graduate, our PRINCE2 training course has a huge amount of relevance and application to your situation.



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