PRINCE2; Learn How To Handle Projects

The proficiency with which a project is initiated, directed and controlled is reflection of the organisation that is engaged in it. Prince is an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environment. Version 2 is a nomenclature which has been retained despite many evolutions that Prince methodology has undergone to indicate to the people that the essence of the methodology has not changed since. Version2 was and is the most popular project management methodology which has been accepted by the business world since 1996. It started as a set of project management methodology for the department of communications of the UK government. Slowly it paved its way into all kinds of industry for any size of project..

The skill for initiating a project, directing it and controlling a project has to be acquired. Prince2 being the best methodology it becomes imperative to undergo Prince2 Course. Prince2 Training proves beneficial for the individual as well as the organisation since it develops and hones the skills of managing a project most efficiently. One of the salient features of Prince2 is its practice of planning a project much before it takes off from ground. The organisation identifies the project, the environments, selects the requisite teams, breaks a project into smaller parts and nominates the phase leaders. It also appoints the overall project leader. The organisation lays down its vision of the project and the same is communicated to the resource suppliers and the stakeholders. Everything is planned much before the actual start. 

 Involvement of stakeholders from the outset helps keeping them informed of the progress of the project at each stage of the project. The audit reports are also communicated to them. This facilitates smooth handing over of the project on its completion. This causes effective cost reduction of the project and also the project assets created can be reused for further cost saving. Prince2 Training covers all these aspects.

The phasing of project into smaller parts helps in keeping control over the quality specifications and works as a clock to ensure that the project is completed in time. The phases operating in different locations under different environments do not let any obstacle impede the progress of the project. The completion of a phase is essential for fitting into its preceding phase. This process goes on till the project is complete for handing over. Here too since the progress of the project has always been communicated at each phase the conflict management can completely be avoided. This is the beauty of Prince2 methodology and Prince2 practitioner Training fully teaches the skills of project management.


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