No Nonsense with PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is a broad approach to project management that works to describe how to make changes in product lines, services and other aspects of an organisation in an effective way.

This method of project management advocates a project based approach to the management of change, meaning; it will define what must be changed and why. It will also set up temporary roles and responsibilities of the people involved in implementing this change. The project management method will also look at the planning, resourcing and management of the activities involved in bringing about the required change.

The PRINCE2 training course has become so popular because of its flexibility, as it is a general framework rather than a rigid set of unchangeable rules. PRINCE2 can be tailored to work in; any culture, any type or size of project, any degree of formality and in any type of change.

It has been noticed that PRINCE2 is becoming increasingly recognised in the business world as the standard for effective organisation of change. Despite originating in the UK, it is being adopted by organisations around the world in order to measure their projects. A white paper published in 2011 quoted its use in 150 countries around the world, in 20,000 individual organisations of varying sizes.

The PRINCE2 methodology is made up of eight key components;

  • The business case
  • The organisation
  • Controls
  • Quality in the project environment
  • Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Change Control
  • Configuration Management

To find out more, search for the "PRINCE2 in 1000 Words" publication or find a PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course near you!


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