Managing Projects Successfully With PRINCE2

PRINCE2; abbreviated from Projects In Controlled Environments, is a structured project management method which is used around the UK on a daily basis. This methodology was first established in 1989 by CCTA and was then developed further by PROMPTII. After being developed for many years, PRINCE2 was finally launched into the world of project management in 1996 as an answer to improving guidance on project management in all projects; large and small. PRINCE2 is based on the ideas and experienced of project managers and project teams. Those who have contributed to the PRINCE2 training methodology have provided information regarding their mistakes, omissions and more importantly their successes. PRINCE2 learns from its mistakes; this is what makes it such a unique project management formula.

PRINCE2 is a project management method which is used extensively throughout the UK and has been since its launch in 1996. It has come to be widely recognised and respected in both the public and private sector for all sizes of projects.

It is essential to adopt a project management method when deciding to launch a project; one which could affect your business a great deal. Failures in projects occur every day in business and some are critical to the success of an organisation. The following can occur if the right project management method is not chosen;

  • Failure to give enough attention to the business case
  • Failure to look at the quality at the beginning and throughout the project
  • Confusion over what the project is going to achieve; objectives should be set out from the beginning.
  • Lack of communication with stake holders and all interested parties leading to poor customer satisfaction
  • Lack of definition when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of those involved
  • Poor estimation of duration and cost of the project
  • Failure to plan enough to be effective
  • Lack of control over the progress of the project
  • Lack of quality control

Without a clear project management method those who are working on it will not work in sync and therefore their work will not compliment one another’s. This is important when it comes to running a successful project. A sound project management method will guide the project through each stage by controlling and managing all sets of activities with the desired results the overall aim. PRINCE2 is so popular as it adopts the principles of a good project management method in order to avoid the problems listed above. The principles in which PRINCE2 works by are;

  • A project with a start, middle and end
  • All projects should be managed in order to be successful
  • A genuine commitment to the project is needed – all parties must be aware of where they stand and what is needed of them in order for success to be reached.

PRINCE2 is known for its reliability and success in the field of project management and this is why it is the UK’s first choice. We offer a great range of locations and levels for you to start seeing for yourself what makes PRINCE2 so effective. Find a course near you today! 



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