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Every project needs to be justified before it is actually initiated. There has to proper business case and its viability determined before starting a project. The organisations that undertake such gigantic projects have to take a very cautious approach before agreeing to do a project and thus they have special teams that study a proposal for a project’s viability and business profitability before putting it up for approval of the top management. 

The management and the customer first identify the people who can provide the resources, both material and financial, for the execution of the project. Once done these stakeholders are invited for every preliminary meeting of the project where the plan theme is discussed threadbare. All the teams are selected and nominated for the project. The role of each and every member of these teams is made known and noted. The locations and environments where the project and its phases will operate and completed, the quality specifications, and the time scales are all documented.  Involvement of stakeholders’ right from the very beginning is the most highlighted feature of Prince2 project management methodology and Prince2 Training stresses the need for the same.

Another salient feature of Prince2 methodology is breaking the project into phases that are managed independently by phase leaders. The date of completion of each phase is pre decided so that each phase can be despatched to reach the site and fit into its preceding one. The process goes on till whole project is completed. Prince2 Certification teaches all about fragmentation of a project. 

Change is an integral part of project management. It could strike any time and has the potential to harm the project. Thus it is essential that a project leader is not only a good communicator but also has the skill to respond to the challenge of change correctly. In addition, he has to be man of courage since he would be required to take bold decisions to counter the business risks. Both the change theme and the risks theme are covered in detail in the Prince2 Course.

The people who invest big money in Prince2 projects also desire a faultless product. Hence quality theme is another important component of Prince2 Training. The quality specifications are adhered to throughout the project so that when the project is assembled there is no differential in the quality of the project. The periodic review of the design cell and the quality cell ensures that everything goes as per the terms and conditions agreed upon at the ‘starting the project’ stage. Prince2 Training will train the project leaders to be good observers of the quality.

The logical approach to the project management and its ability to be cost saving for the organisation has made the Prince2 methodology the best for project management and thus Prince2 Training is the course to do.


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