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The job of a project manager includes managing the activities pertaining to a project, creating processes for his or her team to follow and ascertaining optimal utilization of his team’s talent, physical resources and financial resources. Apart from this, a project manager works hard to make certain that the project is moving in the right direction and that the predefined objectives as well as the project scope will be accomplished. Lots of responsibilities summarize the work of a project manager. However, being a busy project manager, one forgets that he has to make the best use of his own potential as well. It is important for him to ensure that his team is working well. However, the efficiency of his work is much more important.

Many a times, the tasks distributed to a PM team are accomplished; however, those that concern a project manager are not. This kind of a situation makes it mandatory for the project manager to be more attentive in his work and hone his skills to get better results. The PRINCE2 Training is probably the most recommended program for a project manager to get his skills sharpened whilst implementing them with prudence.

Getting certified in PRINCE2 is also something to the benefit of a project manager. While the said program promises professional development, it also enhances their job prospects. The candidates having the PRINCE2 Certification under their belts get easily recognized across the world and witness an enhanced level of marketability and adoption. Many project managers have easily been able to shift their industries having been certified under PRINCE2.

Basically, PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environment is a process based approach to project management. It is recognized and used extensively worldwide in both; the public and the private sector. PRINCE2 extends such a project management methodology that can be tailored to meet the general and specific requirements of an organization of any scale and size, irrespective of its industry. Factually, PRINCE2 has superseded PRINCE, a project management method launched by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), UK in 1989. The underlying limitation of PRINCE being suitable for the projects related to IT only got it modified to befit the requirements of all sorts of projects and reintroduced as PRINCE2.

Beginners in the field of project management are advised to get into the PRINCE2 Foundation Training. The foundation level covers the basics, terminology and gives a comprehensive introduction of PRINCE2. It is also a prerequisite to the practitioner level. The PRINCE2 Practitioner Training makes certain that the candidates have the ability to implement the PRINCE2 methodology within an organization. While the PRINCE2 Training scheme is beneficial for the project managers, it is equally beneficial for the companies to have such candidates in place given the certainty they confirm for the successful completion of projects.




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