P3O Training - P3O®Course Overview 

The Project, Programme & Portfolio Office (P3O) framework, crafted by Axelos, serves as a comprehensive business model for implementing and supporting change within organisations. It seamlessly integrates with other Axelos methodologies like PRINCE2, M_o_R, and MSP, ensuring alignment with organisational strategies. P3O enables senior management to make informed decisions by providing a clear understanding of how various business components contribute to overarching objectives. Through the P3O course, participants delve into the intricacies of establishing, evolving, and managing support structures for effective change delivery across projects, programs, and portfolios within organisations, enhancing their ability to drive successful transformation initiatives. 

Prerequisites of the P3O Training - P3O®Course 

There are no qualifications or experience required before attending this course. 

Who should attend this P3O Training - P3O®Course? 

  • Portfolio Managers 
  • Programme Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • PMO (Project Management Office) Managers 
  • Business Managers 
  • Strategic Planners 
  • Change Managers 

Learning Outcomes 

After completing this course, delegates will be able to: 

  • Have an in-depth knowledge on Project, Programme & Portfolio Office (P3O)  
  • Have knowledge on the relationships between Portfolios, Projects and Programmes 
  • Gain the skills to create summaries of P3MS 
  • Gain the skills to overcome different barriers 

Course Structure 

This 5-day course will be divided into a two-part structure: 

  • The first 3 days will cover the essential materials needed to understand Project, Programme & Portfolio Office (P3O) for the foundation exam 
  • The remaining 2 days will cover the essential materials needed to take the practitioner exam 

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P3O Training - P3O®Course Outline 

Module 1: Introduction to P3O® 

  • What is the purpose of P3O®? 
  • Definitions 
  • Strategic Objectives 
  • What are P3O®’s 
  • P3O® Definitions within the Models 
  • Portfolio, programme, and project lifecycles 
  • Governance and the P3O® 
  • P3O® and Other Best Management 
  • P3O® Terminology 

Module 2: Why Have a P3O®? 

  • Integral Part 
  • P3O® can Increase Success 
  • Focus of a P3O® 
  • Add Value 
  • Governance Focus 
  • Principles for Extracting Value 
  • Govern Effectively 
  • Holding People to Account 
  • Prioritising Investment 
  • Safeguarding Value 
  • Investing in People and Processes 
  • Tracking Progress 
  • Getting Investment for the P3O® 
  • Identifying the Stakeholders 
  • Identifying the Problem 
  • Analysis of Issues and Reviews 
  • Value Matrix 
  • Stakeholders Requirements 
  • P3M3® 
  • Demonstrating the Value 
  • Business Case Content 
  • Capability and Outcome 
  • Benefits Vs Constraints 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Cost Model 
  • Some Variations of Costing 
  • Overcoming Common Barriers 
  • Timescales 

Module 3: Designing a P3O® Model 

  • Factors that Affect the Design 
  • Functional Areas of a P3O® 
  • Design Considerations 
  • Centralised Versus Decentralised 
  • Additional Success Factors Hub Portfolio Offices 
  • Permanent Versus Temporary 
  • Underlying Success Factors – Temporary Offices 
  • Co-located Versus Distributed 
  • Functions and Services 
  • Functional Areas 
  • Wider Organisation 
  • Integration 
  • Assurance and Governance 
  • Information Assurance (IA) 
  • Non-PPM Functions and Services 
  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Skills/Competences of P3O® Staff 
  • P3O® Management, Generic, and Functional Roles 
  • Sizing and Tailoring 
  • How to Size a P3O® Model? 
  • P3O® Sponsor 
  • Head of P3O® (Permanent Office) 
  • Head of Programme/Project Office (Temporary) 
  • Portfolio Analyst 
  • Programme or Project Specialist 
  • Programme or Project Officer 
  • Benefits and Value Role 
  • Commercial Role 
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Role 
  • Information Management Role 
  • Consultancy and Performance Management Role 
  • Finance and Issue Role 
  • Change Control and Planning Role 
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Role 
  • Reporting and Secretariat/ Administrator Role 
  • Tools Expert 

Module 4: How to Implement or Re-Energise a P3O®? 

  • Permanent P3O® 
  • Implementation Lifecycle for a Permanent P3O® 
  • Identify Activity and Outputs 
  • Vision Statement 
  • Define Activities and Outputs 
  • Establish the Implementation Team 
  • Identify and Analyse Stakeholder 
  • Threats to Achieving the Blueprint 
  • Develop, Model, and Validate the Benefits 
  • Develop and Confirm the Business Case 
  • Plan Stages or Tranches of Delivery 
  • Project Dossier 
  • Deliver Activities and Outputs 
  • Closure Activities 
  • Post Implementation and Benefit Review 
  • Closure Outputs 
  • Temporary Office 
  • Implementation Lifecycle for a Temporary Programme or Project Office 
  • Established Timescales 
  • Internal Resources 
  • Implementation Lifecycle 
  • Definition and Implementation 
  • Closing Down a Temporary Office 

Module 5: How to Operate a P3O®?  

  • Overview of Tools and Techniques 
  • Which Tools and Techniques? 
  • Benefits of Standard Tools and Techniques 
  • Critical Success Factors 
  • P3O® Tools 
  • Enterprise PPM (EPM) Solutions and Selecting EPM Solutions 
  • P3O® Techniques 
  • Prioritisation and Optimisation 
  • Complexity Modelling 
  • Management Dashboard 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Workshops 
  • Facilitation – Workshop Techniques 
  • Skills Development and Maintenance 
  • Business Process Swimlanes 
  • Capacity Planning 
  • P3O® Tools and Techniques 
  • Tailoring of Approaches 

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What ‘s Included

P3O® Foundation Examination

P3O® Practitioner Examination

World-Class Training Sessions From Experienced Instructors

P3O® Foundation Certificate

P3O® Practitioner Certificate


P3O® Foundation Exam

Ways to take this course

Classroom Training

Face-to-face sessions led by expert instructors, fostering interactive learning experiences and collaboration among delegates.

Online Instructor-Led Training

Live virtual classes led by experienced trainers, offering real-time interaction and guidance for optimal learning outcomes.

Online Self-Paced Training

Flexible learning at your own pace, with access to comprehensive course materials and resources available anytime, anywhere.

On-Site Training

Customised courses delivered at your location, tailored to your specific needs and scheduling preferences.

P3O Foundation & Practitioner Calender



Delivery Methods

P3O Foundation & Practitioner


2nd January 2024


6th January 2024

(5 days)


P3O Foundation & Practitioner


8th January 2024


12th January 2024

(5 days)


P3O Foundation & Practitioner


15th January 2024


19th January 2024

(5 days)


P3O Foundation & Practitioner


22nd January 2024


26th January 2024

(5 days)


What do i get for £3295

  • 80 hours course
  • Immediate Access for 90 days
  • Mock exams
  • Exams included, taken online
  • Certificates on completion
  • Case studies
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • 24/7 Support
  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Scenario based learning
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these P3O® Courses accredited?

Yes, the P3O® courses are fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS. 

How long do P3O® Certifications remain valid?

The validity of P3O® Certifications varies. The P3O® Foundation certifications never expire, while P3O® Practitioner certifications are valid for 5 years. Re-registration every 5 years is required to maintain registered status. 

Does the course fee for P3O® Foundation and Practitioner include exams?

Yes, our P3O® Courses include both the P3O® Foundation and Practitioner exams. 

How long are the P3O® exams?

The Foundation exam lasts for 60 minutes, while the P3O® Practitioner exam is 150 minutes. 

What delivery methods are available for P3O® Training?

Our P3O® Courses offer online instructor-led, on-site, self-paced, and classroom training options to suit diverse learning needs. 

Is there any prerequisite for registering in this P3O® Training?

There are no formal prerequisites for attending this P3O® Course. 

How can I prepare for the P3O® exams?

You can prepare for the P3O® exams by attending the training course, studying the provided materials, and taking practice exams to assess your readiness. 

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