P3O® Training 

P3O® Training provides a comprehensive understanding of Project, Program, and Portfolio Offices (P3O), enabling effective governance and decision-making across organisational projects. Covering principles, processes, and models, this course equips participants with the skills to establish, manage, and optimise P3O structures. Learn to align projects with strategic objectives, prioritise investments, and maximise returns on organisational investments. The key benefits of taking this training are: 

  • Enhanced governance for effective decision-making 
  • Better alignment of projects with strategic goals 
  • Improved management and optimisation of project investments 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is P3O Training?


P3O Training provides comprehensive instruction on Project, Program, and Portfolio Offices (P3O), enabling effective governance and decision-making across organisational projects. 

Who should attend P3O Training?


P3O Training is suitable for project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, and professionals involved in project governance seeking to enhance their skills. 

Can you confirm your course is accredited?


Yes. We are pleased to say that our course and all of its materials have been fully accredited by PeopleCert. 

Can I take the Practitioner exam first?


To take the Practitioner exam you must first gain a Pass at the Foundation level. Proof of this will be required if seeking to take the Practitioner exam only. 

When do I get confirmation of the course that I booked?


As soon as payment has been made and received, may it be over the phone or via our online booking system, an email will be dispatched detailing the course location, pre-course work, course agenda and payment receipt. Please keep this email for your records. 

How long is the course?


The duration of P3O Training ranges from 1-5 days. 

What certifications are available in P3O Training?


Common certifications include P3O Foundation and Practitioner, demonstrating proficiency in P3O governance practices.  

Can P3O Training be pursued online?


Yes, many institutions offer online P3O Training programs, providing flexibility for individuals to learn at their own pace and schedule.  

How can P3O Training benefit my career?


P3O Training equips individuals with valuable skills in project governance, enhancing career prospects in project, program, and portfolio management roles.  

What is the role of a P3O professional?


A P3O professional establishes, manages, and optimises Project, Program, and Portfolio Offices, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and effective governance of organisational projects.