MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course Overview 

The MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course equips participants with essential skills in Value Management, focusing on maximising value and minimising waste in projects and programs. The Foundation level introduces fundamental concepts, principles, and processes of Value Management, while the Practitioner level delves deeper into application and analysis techniques.

During this course, delegates will gain proficiency in identifying and assessing value opportunities, implementing strategies for optimisation, and effectively managing change. By the course's end, students emerge equipped to drive value-centric approaches in their organisations, fostering sustainable success. 
Prerequisites of the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course
The MoV® Foundation and Practitioner Course is open to all delegates without specific prerequisites. However, having some experience in Project or Programme Management will be beneficial.

Course Structure  

The Foundation level training spans across two days, during which the MoV® Guide’s course content will be covered. Candidates will have an opportunity to undertake a practice Foundation examination exercise. Candidates will take the Foundation examination at the end of day two.

The Practitioner level training spans across two days. The course will begin with a quick overview of the content covered during the Foundation training event. Thereafter, the focus is firmly on the application of MoV® and centres on a practice case study scenario and involves practice exercises. 

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MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to MoV® 

  • Overview 
  • Relationship with Other Best Management Practice Products 
  • How MoV® Fits with Other Best Practice Guides? 
  • What is Value? 
  • What is MoV®? 
  • Why Use MoV®? 
  • Where can MoV® be Used? 
  • When Should it be Used? 
  • What Does it Involve?

Module 2: MoV® Principles

  • Align with Organisation’s Objectives 
  • Focus on Functions and Required Outcomes 
  • Balance the Variables to Maximise Value 
  • Apply Throughout the Investment Decision 
  • Tailor to Suit the Subject 
  • Learn from Experience and Improve Performance 
  • Assign Clear Roles and Responsibilities and Build a Supportive Culture 

Module 3: MoV® Processes  

  • Frame the Programme or Project 
  • Gather Information 
  • Analyse Information 
  • Process Information 
  • Evaluate and Select 
  • Develop Value Improving Proposals 
  • Implement and Share Outputs 

Module 4: MoV® Techniques  

  • Techniques Unique to MoV® 
  • Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) 
  • A Customer FAST Diagram 
  • Value Trees 
  • Exercise in Function Analysis 
  • Blank Form for Undertaking Function Analysis on a Project 
  • Example of Completed Function Analysis on a Project 
  • A Value Profile for a Hospital 
  • Value Index for the Same Hospital 
  • Demonstrating Value for Money 
  • Function Cost Analysis 
  • Value Engineering 
  • Techniques Commonly Used in MoV® 

Module 5: Approach to Implementation 

  • Generic MoV® Study Plan 
  • Integrated Programme and Project Plans 
  • Programme or Project Organisation 
  • MoV® at Key Project Stages 
  • Approach to Implementation 
  • Value Cascade 

Module 6: Syllabus Area Environment and Embedding  

  • Environment: Responding to External and Internal Influences 
  • Project Considerations 
  • Operational Considerations 
  • Syllabus Area Appendices A-D 
  • Embedding MoV® into an Organisation 
  • Benefits of Embedding 
  • Embedding MoV® into an Organisation – Key Steps 
  • Suggested MoV® Management Structure 
  • Overcoming Barriers 
  • International Standards in Value Management 
  • Executive Guide to Value Management 

Module 7: Exercises  

  • Function Analysis 
  • Develop a Value Tree 
  • Weighting Attributes 
  • Develop a Value Profile 
  • Develop a Value Index 
  • Value for Money Ratio 
  • Value Engineering 
  • Option Evaluation and Selection 

Module 8: Group Discussion  

  • Stimulating Innovation 
  • Value and Value for Money 
  • Timing and Planning 
  • Setting Up and Delivering a MoV® Study 
  • Teams and Stakeholders 
  • MoV® in the Organisation 
  • Integrating with Best Management Practice 
  • Structure of Guide 
  • Further Training for Study Leaders 

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What ‘s Included

World-Class Training Sessions From Experienced Instructors

MoV® Training Courseware

MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Exams

MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Certificates


MoV® Examinations (Foundation and Practitioner)

Ways to take this course

Classroom Training

Face-to-face sessions led by expert instructors, fostering interactive learning experiences and collaboration among delegates.

Online Instructor-Led Training

Live virtual classes led by experienced trainers, offering real-time interaction and guidance for optimal learning outcomes.

Online Self-Paced Training

Flexible learning at your own pace, with access to comprehensive course materials and resources available anytime, anywhere.

On-Site Training

Customised courses delivered at your location, tailored to your specific needs and scheduling preferences.

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Delivery Methods

MoV Foundation & Practitioner


2nd January 2024


5th January 2024

(4 days)


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8th January 2024


11th January 2024

(4 days)


MoV Foundation & Practitioner


15th January 2024


18th January 2024

(4 days)


MoV Foundation & Practitioner


22nd January 2024


25th January 2024

(4 days)


What do i get for £3625

  • 80 hours course
  • Immediate Access for 90 days
  • Mock exams
  • Exams included, taken online
  • Certificates on completion
  • Case studies
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • 24/7 Support
  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Scenario based learning
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoV®?

MoV® stands for Management of Value. It's a methodology that helps organisations maximise value from their investments and change initiatives while minimising risks and resources.  

Who should take the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course?

This course is suitable for professionals involved in project and program management, change management, and business transformation seeking to enhance their value management skills.  

What is the structure of the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course?

The course is divided into two parts: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level provides fundamental concepts, while the Practitioner level delves into advanced techniques and application.  

What are the prerequisites for taking the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Course?

There are no prerequisites for the Foundation level. However, to attend the Practitioner level, candidates must have passed the MoV® Foundation exam.  

What topics are covered in the MoV® Foundation Course?

The Foundation course covers the basic principles, processes, and techniques of value management, including the MoV® principles, the MoV® approach, and embedding MoV®. 

What topics are covered in the MoV® Practitioner Course?

The Practitioner course focuses on applying MoV® principles in real-world scenarios, including value identification, evaluation, delivery mechanisms, and embedding value management in organisations. 

What is the format of the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner exams?

Both exams consist of multiple-choice questions. The Foundation exam assesses understanding of MoV® principles, while the Practitioner exam tests the application of MoV® in practical scenarios.  

Is the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Certification internationally recognised?

Yes, the certification is recognised globally, demonstrating proficiency in value management principles and practices across various industries and sectors.  

What are the benefits of obtaining the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Certification?

What are the benefits of obtaining the MoV® Foundation & Practitioner Certification? 

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