PRINCE2® Training Exam Format:

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Format:

60 multiple choice questions and the duration is 1 hour
The passing marks are 33/60, or 55%

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Format:

Objective testing (multiple-choice)
68 online questions
Two-and-a-half hours duration and the passing marks are 38/68, or 55%

PRINCE2® Certification Courses

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

Duration : 5 Days

PRINCE2® Foundation

Duration : 3 Days

PRINCE2® Practitioner

Duration : 2 Days

How PRINCE2® Certification Can Benefit Your Career?

PRINCE2® is widely adopted, as it can be applied to any project within any industry. Holding PRINCE2® project management methodology’s knowledge can help you boost organisational productivity and enhance resources effectively. Also, the individuals who have PRINCE2® Certification explore more high positioned job opportunities. Many multinational and government bodies recognise PRINCE2® Certification. It also enhances your employment opportunities in the global market. Project management certified experts have salaries much higher than non-certified experts.

7 Themes of PRINCE2®


PRINCE2® Certification Training Overview

PRINCE2® is a Globally Recognised project management methodology widely utilised by individuals and organisations of all size. It is a flexible methodology that guides organisations and individuals through the essentials of managing successful projects, regardless of their type and scale.

Our PRINCE2® Certification training provides delegates with the required knowledge to use this methodology for managing projects in their organisations. They will also understand various aspects like PRINCE2® principles, processes, and themes in projects for better project management. Our PRINCE2® Certification is uniquely designed to help you get your certification and support your career advancement.

Who is it for?


Project Managers


Project Administrators


Project Analysts

Objectives of PRINCE2® Certification Training


To provide first-class project management skills


To improve employment prospects

Why Use PRINCE2® Methodology?

PRINCE2® is a well-renowned methodology, which is widely used by enterprises in around 150+ countries. There are many advantages of using PRINCE® methodology in project management and some of them are as follows:


PRINCE2® approach offers a project-by-stage methodology and guides the project manager and project teams from start till the delivery in a controlled process with a defined lifecycle.


The business justification is reviewed frequently throughout the project lifecycle, to ensure that the project delivers on its goals.


It provides a clear description about the project roles and responsibilities, with all stakeholders understanding each other’s objectives.

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7 Phase Process of PRINCE2®

As the most popular project management methodology, PRINCE2® appears ubiquitously in various industries. Its method differentiates the functioning of the project into 7 processes and each managed by project managers. The 7 phase process of PRINCE2®

mobile process

Principles of PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® develops its methods from seven crucial principles, which provide a framework for good practice. The first principle is continued business justification, which means a project must make a relatable business sense, and resources must be justified. The second one is to learn from experience, and project teams should take lessons from previous projects. The third is defined roles and responsibilities, everyone working on the project should know what they are doing. The fourth principle is to by stages, difficult projects should be broken and divided into manageable portions. The fifth is by exception, and the project board must be informed if a project has a problem. Sixth is on products, and everyone should know expectation from the product. Seventh is to the environment, PRINCE2® can be modified according to the need of the organisation.


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