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  • Can you confirm your course is accredited?

    All of our PRINCE2 Courses and all of its courseware are fully accredited by PeopleCert

  • Do I have to buy my own course materials?

    After confirmation of your payment, PRINCE2 Training will deliver to you your own courseware folder, refreshments, both official examinations dependant on chosen course and the official Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 manual (which is yours to keep) once you attend the course.

  • How much are the exams?

    PRINCE2 Training are delighted to say that your PRINCE2 Foundation examination is built-in to the course cost altogether. All following exam re-takes are subject to an additional fee

  • Do I need any experience when taking the course?

    No. The PRINCE2 Foundation course is open to anyone who wishes to learn the PRINCE2 methodologies or for those who wants to enhance their career within project management.

  • Can I take the Practitioner exam first?

    You will have complete foundation course before starting the practitioner certification. Evidence of this will be required if you are seeking to take the Practitioner exam only

  • How can I can find out more information about the PRINCE2 Foundation course?

    if you would like to find out any more information, please contact our PRINCE2 training team at or call us on 0800 0355 832

PRINCE2® Foundation (Evening) 3 day course covers the following topics:

PRINCE2 Foundation Training (Evening)

The PRINCE2 Foundation (Evening) training course, which has been delivered by PRINCE2 Training, has been built to prepare you for the Foundation and Practitioner training exams.

The course demonstrates PRojects IN Controlled Environments. The Foundation training course has been widely used by the UK Government and is highly recognised within the private sector, both countrywide and worldwide.

The following detailed course is based upon the PRINCE2®2017 syllabus. 


If you pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you will have gained a wealthy amount of foundation knowledge to work as part of an effective project group and can help you develop to the more advanced training qualification, PRINCE2 Practitioner.

The course is designed to teach you methods for effective project management. This method is a non-proprietorial method for the best practices of project management.


There are number of key features to the foundation training course which include: a focus on business justification, a planning approach that focuses on the product, an emphasis on sharing project tasks into easier to manage and control stages, defining the organisational structure for the management team and the flexibility to apply the knowledge at any level that is appropriate to the project.


What is PRINCE2 Foundation?

The Foundation training course is the first step for the PRINCE2 Project Management certification and it will give you the basic knowledge about the Foundation course. The framework and methodology will be introduced that is suitable for anyone who is working with a PRINCE2 team.


The PRINCE2 Foundation course teaches you the four essentials to the project management method:

  • 7 principles

                  -  Continued business justification

                  -  Learn from experience

                  -  Defined Roles and Responsibilities

-  Manage by stages

            -  Manage by expectation

            -  Focus on Products

            -  Tailor to suit the project environment

  • 7 themes

                  -  Business Case

                  -  Organisation

                  -  Quality

                  -  Plans

                  -  Risk

                  -  Change

                  -  Progress

  • 7 processes

                  -  Starting up a project

                  -  Directing a Product

                  -  Initiating a Project

                  -  Controlling a Stage

                  -  Managing a Stage Boundary

                  -  Closing a Project

  • Tailoring the Project

During the course you will learn to differentiate between the seven processes and how they are implemented in the PRINCE2 techniques. The aim of the foundation course is to provide basic yet sufficient understanding and knowledge of the course, this will enable you to work effectively with, or as a member of a PRINCE2 management team.


The PRINCE2 Foundation course is a prerequisite to the higher level Practitioner course. Once you have successfully passed the Foundation course you will receive an internationally recognised Foundation certification.


What is PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments.

It is a course that is open to anyone, it is a great way to start you career or enhance it in project management.

It is a processed method that is globally recognised and shows employers that you are competent in handling and leading projects.

This method can be changed to implement any size or scope. The methodology of this course has proven itself countless times to be an effective management method.

There are many project management courses but only PRINCE2 has the ability to be fully tailor able to any size project. All other methods are considered to be too rigid or assertive.

PRINCE2 consists of two different levels, Foundation and Practitioner, however the Practitioner certification can only be achieved once the Foundation course has been successfully passed.

The Foundation course introduces the methods and basic terminology of PRINCE2 which can be implemented in any project regardless of the size.

Both levels of training can be completed via distance learning and exams can be both written at home or at an authorised exam centre. Upon passing both Foundation and the Practitioner courses, you will be a registered Practitioner with internationally recognised PRINCE2 certifications.


The History of PRINCE2

The course was introduced in 1989 but was named PROMPT II. In 1989 the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) used this method for IT services in in the UK government and had decided to rename the method to PRINCE. Later in 1989 during a civil service competition, the PRINCE acronym changed and now stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments.

It soon became obvious that the project management method could be used in other areas other than IT and in 1996, it was released as a generic project management method and called PRINCE2.


PRINCE2 Foundation exam format


The exam features:

  • Multiple choice examination questions
  • 60 questions
  • Require 33 marks to pass (out of a possible 60) - 55%
  • One hour exam duration
  • Closed book


  • PRINCE2®Course Manual
  • PRINCE2®Certificates
  • Experienced PRINCE2®instructors
  • Refreshments
  • Pre-course PRINCE2®material provided before attendance
  • PRINCE2®exam
  • Official PeopleCert certificate

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