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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 20/05/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 29/07/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 26/08/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 23/09/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 21/10/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 25/11/2019 Virtual 4 days


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MoV Foundation & Practitioner 24/06/2019 Virtual 4 days


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  • Can you confirm your course is accredited?

    We are pleased to say that our course and all of its materials have been fully accredited by PeopleCert.

  • Do I have to buy my own course materials?

    After payment has been made PRINCE2 Training will supply, your own courseware folder, the official Management of Value manual (which is yours to keep), refreshments, both official examinations dependant on chosen course, pre-course work supplied via email and official certificate(s)

  • How much are the exams?

    PRINCE2 Training are happy to say that your Foundation & Practitioner examinations are included in the overall course cost. All subsequent exam re-takes are subject to an additional fee

  • Do I need to study before attending the course?

    Yes. As a pre-requisite, we provide pre-course work via email that we strongly advise you work through prior to attending. We will supply the first 3 chapters of the official manual that we'd like for you read and complete a few short exercises that need to be handed to the instructor upon arrival on the course

  • Can I take the Practitioner exam first?

    To take the Practitioner exam you must first gain a Pass at the Foundation level. Proof of this will be required if seeking to take the Practitioner exam only

  • When do I get confirmation of the course that I booked?

    As soon as payment has been made and received may it be over the phone or via our online booking system, an email will be despatched detailing the course location, pre-course work, course agenda and payment receipt. Please keep this email for your own records

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MoV® Training

Management of Value (MoV) Foundation and Practitioner levels

The MoV course materials and trainers are accredited by PeopleCert and are based on the HM Government’s Best Practice Guide on Management of Value. They include one practice exam each for Foundation and Practitioner levels, made available by PeopleCert. In addition, for the Practitioner level, the materials include a case study and pro forma handouts to help delegate complete exercises based on the case study.

Both two day courses (Foundation and Practitioner) are intensive training events which require delegates to undertake approximately 15h of pre-course work as outlined below.

MoV pre-course work

This work consists of reading through chapters one (Introduction) and two (principles) at least twice, highlighting important points as appropriate.

Delegates should also familiarise themselves with the structure and content of the MoV guide and should take a good look at the glossary pp 135 to 144 where they can check their understanding of key concepts and terminology used in relation to Management of Value. In addition, delegates will be required to complete a MINIMUM of 2 hours homework each evening which will be set by the instructor.

MoV Examinations (Foundation and Practitioner)

The MoV Foundation examination is a 40 minutes objective test (multiple choice) closed book examination, consisting of 50 questions, each worth one mark.  Candidates must achieve 25 or more marks to pass the examination, i.e. the pass mark is set at 50%.

The MoV Practitioner examination is a 2 ½ h objective test (multiple choice) open book examination, consisting of 8 questions all of which will comprise of two or more parts, called part-questions. Each part-question will contain a number of question items. Each question item will be worth 1 mark with a whole question totalling 10 marks. Therefore, the overall total of marks available is 80 marks. Candidates must achieve 40 or more marks, i.e. the pass mark is set at 50%. The examination is based on a scenario. All information required will be contained in the scenario, additional information provided with the scenario and / or in the questions themselves.

Course Structure

The Foundation level training event comprises of two days. The entire content of the MoV Guide is covered during this period and the training event includes practice exercises. There will also be 2 to 3 hours of evening work as directed by the trainer at the end of the first day. Candidates will have an opportunity to undertake a practice Foundation examination exercise. Candidates will sit the actual Foundation examination before close of day two.

The Practitioner level training event comprises of two days. The course will begin with a quick overview of the content covered during the Foundation training event. Thereafter, the focus is firmly on the application of MoV and centres on a practice case study scenario and involves a lot of practice exercises. Candidates also have the opportunity to work through one practice Practitioner examination. There will be 2 to 3 hours of evening work at the end of day 2 of the Foundation training event and also at the end of day one of the Practitioner training event. Candidates who attend only the Practitioner training event will be given instructions in advance of the course as to the evening work they have to undertake the night before the Practitioner training event starts. The evening work will be as directed by the trainer.

Course Content

The Management of Value Foundation training event covers the following topics:


Foundation Exam Overview

Overview of Syllabus and introduction to question types

Introduction to MoV




Exercise in Function Analysis

Approach to Implementation




Exercises, Revision, Sample Exam

Foundation Exam (end of day two)

The Management of Value Practitioner training event covers the following topics:

Review of Foundation Training material

Practitioner course and exam objectives

Exam overview and question types

Practice exercises focusing on the MoV techniques and tools

Discussion topics covering all aspects of MoV in the content of the objectives and requirements of the Practitioner qualification

Sample Exam

Practitioner Exam (end of day two)

This MoV® course is offered by The Knowledge Academy

To BOOK please choose the COURSE DATES tab on the left to book your MoV® course

Includes the following:-

  • MoV Training courseware 
  • Hardcopy official  Management of Value course manual
  • In depth pre-course material provided before attendance
  • MoV® Foundation & Practitioner exams  
  • Official PeopleCert certificate 
  • Instructors with unrivalled level of experience 
  • Refreshments

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