What are the Prince2 courses?

So you are looking to enhance your career and take a PRINCE2 project management course, but did you know that there are more prince2 courses than just foundation and practitioner? There are loads of different varieties of how you can learn the PRINCE2 certification so sit back, relax and explore what we can provide for you below:

 PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner

Starting with our most popular course, the foundation & practitioner qualification is both PRINCE2 courses combined and runs for only 5 days! This is our most popular course because you can become PRINCE2 qualified in 5 days. During the first 3 days you will learn the PRINCE2 foundation course and take the exam. On the last 2 days the more advanced practitioner course takes place where you will be able to take the PRINCE2 exam on the last day of training. We also deliver this course separately if you feel more comfortable doing this.

If you are interested in taking the industry standard qualification, please click on the link below:

Prince2 foundation and practitioner


PRINCE2 Foundation

We also deliver the PRINCE2 Foundation certification as a separate course so that you have the option to prepare for the exam. The introductory course will help you to learn the basic methods of PRINCE2 and learn how to use them in any working environment. Throughout the PRINCE2 foundation course you will learn how the seven principles, themes and processes are used within projects so that you can be able to use these techniques in your own projects.

The 3-day PRINCE2 foundation course is available nationwide so if you are interested, click on the link below!

Prince2 foundation


PRINCE2 Practitioner

Before taking the more advanced course, you have to pass the prince2 foundation certification. The PRINCE2 practitioner qualification has been designed to help develop your techniques in how to manage, create and control high profile projects in any controlled environment. After completing this project management course, you will be able to gain a better awareness on the seven themes related with PRINCE2 and how to use them in the work-place.

Would you like to take the more advanced PRINCE2 practitioner certificate? Browse our schedule by clicking on the link below:

Prince2 practitioner


PRINCE2 Online

That’s right! We also deliver PRINCE2 courses online! This give you the opportunity to learn in your own home, studying the PRINCE2 techniques at your own pace and time. We provide all of the project management courses online where you will have 90 days access from when you log in.

If you want to learn popular courses such as PRINCE2 foundation online, click below today!

Prince2 online



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