Top 5 project management courses

Top 5 project management courses

To be a successful project manager you will need to take part in a project management course. With project management becoming more popular year after year it can become quite confusing when trying to choose a course that would be perfect for you due to the wide range of courses in the project management area.

PRINCE2® Training

·        The PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is the highest level of PRINCE2® that can be completed after successfully passing the foundation exam. This certification is globally recognised by many different employers and will make you more employable as well as increase your potential salary.

·        You can gain some of the best project management skills from passing this certification. You will be able to use them alongside your colleges with the new confidence that you will gain which will help you towards managing projects successfully. You will be able to have a greater control of your resources meaning you will be able to meet the time frame as well as stick within your company’s budget. You will overall be faced by less problems as you will be able to project risk more effectively and make less mistakes.

·        There are many companies across the globe that require their employees to be PRINCE2® certified. This certification is an international product and is the standard method for project management. This means that you will have a chance to apply for better jobs that will have a better potential salary or show your current employer that you are more qualified in project management and have gained new skills that will benefit the company and also could increase your potential salary. 

·        Why do you need a project management methodology? – you will be able to better control your resources and manage business as well as project risk more effectively which is a huge benefit to managers and directors of a project.

PMP® Training-

·        If you wish to have a long term career as a project manager you may need to have a qualification to help even if you feel you have been one long enough that you don’t need it. This certification will be of great value to you if you wish to carry on your career in project management.

·        PMP is a certification that carries with it a high level of prestige in both the IT and project management community. PMP is also a highly respected certification in any jobs that require any sort of project management skills.

·        With this certification you will be exposed to new ways of thinking about project management standards, best practices, techniques and current trends. You will learn great new skills and techniques that you can implement throughout your work that will assist you in your project management activities.

·        This certification can increase your employability as many companies will choose someone who is PMP certified over someone who isn’t. This could also improve your salary as you will be more qualified and have a number of different skills and professional ability that a company would need.

·        By taking a course to better improve your skills and knowledge this will show you have a personal drive to further yourself in your working career and have better professional abilities which companies will want to see from you. You will become better distinguished in a tough market full of project managers as you will be qualified. 

Agile Training-

·        Agile training is a primary way of thinking about software development. The agile method once learnt can be implemented in a project, program or effort in your professional environment.

·        The project management certification is a good way to get a project management team working better together as they will have a common language and methodology that they can follow to better run projects. With Agile training you will be able to better understand the Agile concepts and see the differences between the various methods.

·        A project that has a whole team of people certified in Agile can benefit a project greatly. With this your team will be able to deal with problems much easier or avoid them all together. There will be less conflicts as the teams common understanding will mean that they will adapt together when tackling each project.

MSP® Training-

·        MSP was created as a best practice guide for programme management. The guide consists of principles and processes that can be used to help you when managing programmes. MSP can be very flexible and easily adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances.

·        There are many different benefits to you as an individual if you take this course. You will be able to use this practice in programme management to help you towards delivering a transformational change. You will be able to better reach your desired outcomes as well as realise the benefits of strategic importance to a company.

·        You will be able to enhance your career opportunities with this certification. Your potential salary will increase and you will become more employable as employers will be looking for someone who is better qualified for your job role.

·        There are also many different benefits to an organisation if they were to have staff trained in MSP. An organisation would have a common framework to help understand all programmes meaning all staff would be able to see the same outcome and work together to reach it more efficiently.

Lean six sigma training

·        Lean six sigma is made up of a set of tools and techniques that can help you to improve your own personal efficiency and productivity which will also benefit the organisation you are employed by. These tools will help you to spot weak areas in your organisation and make a solution to help improve them.

·        Your career prospects will be enhanced and you will become more valuable to an employer. You will learn many new skills that will help you in your day to day work and improve the way you work.

·        Having your employees Lean Six Sigma qualified can help your company to make more revenue by streamlining processes and knock out unnecessary costs by removing waste from processes and solving problems that may be caused by a process.

Still confused on what course will be the best for you? –

That’s why we’re here to help. Our contact centre is open 24/7 to make sure you can get any help you may need. Our number is 0800 0355 832 and you can email us at PRINCE2® Training has a wide range of Project Management training courses available as well as many other courses if you feel project management isn’t the right career path for you. Any of these courses could help you to improve your work as a project manager as well as increase your employability and your salary.


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