Things that Project Managers should do!

There are many things that Project Managers should be doing more of during a project. There are also situations where people have been promoted to PM but don’t really know how to manage a project properly! Below is a list of what Project Managers should be doing when directing a project.


Communicate Clearly!

How many times have you been in a situation where a manager tells you to do a task but doesn’t explain why or what he needs? That is an example of poor communication. If a manager communicates clearly with his team, they will start to understand the overall company objectives and will start working towards these goals with confidence.


Define a Detailed Project Plan

If a Manager has a comprehensive and detailed plan at the beginning of a project, his or her team will gain an awareness and understanding of what needs to be done and why they are doing it. It is important that the Project Manager sticks to the plan, the team will be confident in what they are trying to achieve.


Use Accurate Metrics to Track the Project’s Performance

Now this is an important one, if a manager cannot tell how well the project is going, how can he or she explain to the CEO that the process is running smoothly? Reports not only show where the project is going but all allow the manager to make future decisions to develop and enhance the project further.


Identify Risks  

It is vital within a project that the Manager identifies the risks early on. Risks can change overtime, but they must be identified and communicated clearly to the team.


Continuously Engage with Stakeholders

The Stakeholder or CEO has the largest interest for a project to succeed (because they are funding it!). A successful Project Manager should constantly update them with the requirements of the project to make sure that they are being met.


Learn New Management Techniques

A successful project manager should also keep up to date with the latest methodologies to improve the productivity of the team. The PRINCE2 Training techniques are particularly popular in the industry as this has proven to be successful and is starting to become a standard method of practice with small to large businesses.


Understand the Corporate Culture

It is important for a manager to understand the companies’ processes and functions. The PM needs to be adaptable to any working environment.


There are many other things that Project Managers should do in the workplace to have a successful project. Have you ever thought that you could do a better job? If you think that you can then you will need to train how to become one. PRINCE2 Training is by far the most popular course and we are happy to help you take this so that you can enhance your skills to become a successful manager.


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