The Three Levels of ITIL

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices framework has become the most accepted and widely adopted IT management framework across the world. Several reasons account for its growing popularity and adoption.

Let's have a look at the three levels that an ITIL process has:

Strategic: This level determines an organization’s objectives and outlines the methods for the accomplishment of the same.

Tactical: This level translates the strategy into an appropriate organizational structure and specific plans that describe which processes have to be executed, what assets have to be deployed, and determines the outcomes of the processes.

Operational: At this level, the tactical plans are executed. This leads to the achievement of the strategic objectives within a specified period of time.

The ITIL Training program enables an organization improve the customer satisfaction with IT services. The ITIL Training also leads to better communication and information flow between the staff members within an organization as well as the customers. The said program also helps an organization improve the performance of processes leading to high quality output. Another benefit of the same is that it reduces the cost of developing and implementing procedures within an enterprise. The ITIL Certification is more of an asset to the candidates than a career designation. It is because the same gets them globally recognized and heartily welcomed by the companies.

The ITIL Foundation is an entry level program to get into the ITIL study. The said program helps an organization in creating a framework which acts as a base on which the IT processes are composed within it. Fundamentally, the ITIL Foundation is focused on two aspects, namely, Service Delivery and Service Support, which cover the areas such as incident management, problem management, availability management, capacity management, security management, etc.

The first version of ITIL came into being in the mid 1980s. The same came forward as a set of guidance documented in a set of 44 books, developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), UK. The ITIL V3 is the latest version of ITIL that took place in the mid 2007. The ITIL V3 program fundamentally focuses on bringing IT fully in conjunction with the business. The same is being increasingly adopted across the world and we'd recommend that you keep up with the trend by becoming ITIL Certified




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