Putting PRINCE2 In Context

As PRINCE2 is a generic framework rather than a specified application, the user can apply the PRINCE2 methodology to whichever context they may choose. This blog outlines a few considerations to be made and benefits to be gained when looking at a PRINCE2 methodology in context.

The PRINCE2 project management methodology is designed to be used on any type of project and any size, in any environment. PRINCE2 is made up of a complete set of concepts and principles along with its own set of project management processes, which have a minimum amount of requirements for a successful project. However, each project can be run differently with PRINCE2 and therefore it is crucial that an organisation tailors the method to fit with their project in order for it to be successful.

Projects which use PRINCE2 are focused on delivering products (or outcomes); these products must be specified at the beginning with the Business Case. With the use of PRINCE2, the organisation is able to capture the business benefits which are driving the project itself. These benefits can take various forms but can include;

  • Financial
  • Strategic
  • Legislative

Throughout the project, the business case is reviewed and monitored against any changes which have been decided throughout. During any project, no matter the size there is always time to find different benefits which can enhance the productivity of the current project and therefore it is important to keep these up to date. Moreover, if there are deviations from the business case, PRINCE2 will always put this forward to the project board. Within any PRINCE2 project there are stakeholders with an interest in the project and the product itself including;

  • Customers
  • Users
  • Suppliers
  • Sub-contractors

During the PRINCE2 training course individuals are taught about how projects, by nature, are set up to deal with the changes of the future and are always unpredictable. During the time the project is running, the specification will need to change, and these changes must be monitored and controlled because they can easily work to destroy the project’s success. This matter is covered throughout the Configuration Management part of the course. Moreover, some projects will be large and complex and therefore will contain risk factors; PRINCE2 therefore incorporates a risk management process within its plan.

PRINCE2 offers very few techniques as it prefers to leave the choice of the techniques chosen to the users involved. However, PRINCE2 does involve a product based framework which can be applied to any type of project including;

  • Establishing what products are needed
  • Determining the sequence in which each product should be produced
  • Defining the form and content of each product

This aspect allows the project to define its own quality standard to which the rest of the project must conform. PRINCE2 looks at quality in great detail by testing document based products.



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