PRINCE2 Training – two ways of learning

There are two ways of learning the core concepts and developing expertise in project management. The first way has been approved by the project management experts and is an increasingly adopted method of studying project management. The same refers to the trial and error method, which has also been termed as experimentation. Getting into the trail and error way confirms that a candidate partakes in real life situations and learns from the experiences including the mistakes that he makes as a project manager. The trail and error method is hands-on and promises valuable results over time. The other method of learning is somewhat easier. This way of learning project management entails looking upon others’ way of carrying out the process of project management. The trainers guide the candidates and show them what precisely works and what doesn’t in project management. Though the latter saves time and effort, it is not as effective and beneficial as the former. To avail the effective and successful project management services, an organization should make arrangements to get its personnel trained under the trial and error method in a project management course such as the PRINCE2 Training.

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environment) is a process-based best practice approach to project management. The same is being used extensively in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It offers a standardized approach towards the management of all sorts of projects. The PRINCE2 methodology can be tailored to meet the specifications of an organization of any scale and size.

The PRINCE2 Training fundamentally focuses on business justification. The underlying benefit of the PRINCE2 Training, to an organization is that it enables an organization in exercising a greater control over the resources and the project risk efficiently. Training in PRINCE2 helps an organization’s personnel in comprehending their roles and responsibilities in an effective way and make better contributions in the project management Lifecycle. The PRINCE2 methodology ensures total control over the projects right from their initiation to their end.

The PRINCE2 Foundation Training is an entry level course to get into the PRINCE2 study. It is a prerequisite to the practitioner level. The PRINCE2 Practitioner Training confirms that the candidates have the ability to implement the PRINCE2 methodology within an organization.  

The PRINCE2 Certification is an invaluable asset to the candidates involved in the project management domain. The candidates having the PRINCE2 Certification under their belts get their job prospects brightened. The companies never hesitate to hire those candidates and handover crucial projects to them. In accordance with the same, they are given hefty pay packets.

On the whole, the training in PRINCE2 can do wonders for the organizations and the candidates, if they follow the appropriate learning strategy.



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