PRINCE2 Training - Here to stay?

PRINCE2 Certification, degrees and training are hugely popular at the moment for those wishing to run and manage projects in companies. The trend of rapidly growing uptake of the PRINCE2 Certification by companies wishing to employ knowledgeable and skilled members of its project team is continuing worldwide.
PRINCE2 Certification has become a standard for companies, governments and NGOs all over the world and therefore holds an internationally recognised status. The PRINCE2 Project management framework covers most of the major aspects, methods and considerations necessary for project management. When it comes to document management, configuration management, procurement of documents as well as supplier management, then PRINCE2 is something which professionals all over the world can rely upon for a quality management of projects in companies.
The main core principles of project management as covered by PRINCE2 (and are explored in other blogs on are principles which can be applied broadly, across the whole business and project. These core principles make sure that all the gaps are covered in the running of the strategic needs of companies and therefore are able to generate the much needed outcomes such as increased efficiency or revenue for companies at the same time. Along with that, PRINCE2 is also helpful to companies in order to make sure that their projects are ones which can fulfil the main requirements for running of the portfolio of projects at the same place. This is due to the application of proven best practices that have been developed and evolved over many years to ensure that the courses of action considered and recommended have been tried, tested and trusted.
PRINCE2’s background and history makes it simple for companies and professionals to apply the framework to their situation and establish the ways for the better tailoring of the projects and therefore take a fresh, unique approach to previously struggling or unoptimised project management at the same time. PRINCE2 also helps companies to make sure that a whole project lifecycle is created to make sure that companies are able to deal with the requirements of the current and upcoming stages of a project simultaneously.
Taking a PRINCE2 Project Management Course helps companies and professionals to explore some of the main approaches applied in companies, to view the success of these approaches in various different environments and select the best practice for specific projects and programmes. Along with that, it also helps professionals to understand and use the breakdown structure methodology in their management for projects and thus, pays an important way towards the critical planning of projects in companies at the same time. Ensuring a plan is made for the entire project before it begins, with space to adapt to change is far more likely to result in a successful project outcome than planning on the job.
Using the phases and stages for management of projects, PRINCE2 outshines other approaches to the management of projects and therefore should be the only framework required when planning and meeting the needs and demands of the management of projects. Further blogs explore the benefits using a PRINCE2 universal system in more depth.
There’s never been a better or more important time to equip yourself and your colleagues with the knowledge and certification that comes from PRINCE2 Training.


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