Prince2; The Bedrock Of Project Management

Emily Bronte in her book, ‘Wuthering Heights’ gave the example as to how her love for the protagonist Heathcliff was as strong as the rocks of the earth are. And when the foundation for something is strong, then the product is definitely something which is worth nurturing. Whatever we do in life have to be strong and firm and then only the outcomes are worth the wait. If this is applicable in our personal lives, then what is wrong with our professional lives?

Well, being the professionals that we are, we need solid bedrock to boost up our performance and to make the best of our lives! This is what PRINCE2 is going to provide you with! That solid foundation for project management on which you can make up your career and build up your professional life on! PRINCE2, which stands for Projects in a Controlled Environment, is the degree that is going to sweep you off your feet.

As we all know that the first principal to manage a project is that it must have continued business justification. What that means is that the project must be aligned towards the business objectives of the customer organization. By using this principal, prevention of the organization from starting or containing the projects cannot be validated in terms of corporate strategy.

The basic way in which the customer organization is able to determine if the project has all the business justification or not is by making the use of acceptable Business Case or not. Using PRINCE2 methodology  checks out the investment decisions in order to determine if the project is a worthwhile investment or if it is just one of the off decisions taken the in the early phases of the project, but forms a series of on-going investment decisions. PRINCE2 training makes sure that the professionals know the reasons for the uptake of the project and forecasts the benefits which the project will unfold in the later stages. It also forecasts the project costs and the on-going operational costs, the timescales that would be needed for the management of the projects and the operational time during which the period of the time over which the benefits shall be realized by making use of the project’s products. It also makes use of the main risks which can be used for the management of the projects. PRINCE2 course Methodology also develops the outlines for the project management and refines more details during the initiation of the project. It is then used to update at the end of each stage and to reflect on the forecasts of the time, costs, benefits and the risks for the project management.

Having said this and done, PRINCE2 will make sure that the project management is done in a holistic way and the completion of the project is done within the time and the costs of the project management. That is the only reason why companies are using PRINCE2 like never before and are only employing managers who are PRINCE2 qualified! So, jump in and go for project management, PRINCE2 way!



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