PRINCE2 for the Construction Industry

The PRINCE2 methodology has already been adopted and embraced by thousands of the world’s biggest brands and companies – many of which have revolutionized their output as a result. In fact, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for a PRINCE2 qualification to be listed as a prerequisite for those looking to gain entry to all manner or fields, though project management is of course where PRINCE2 training really comes into its own.

Roughly summarized, PRINCE2 stands for ‘Projects in a Controlled Environment’ and represents a methodology whereby a project of any nature, size, or purpose can be simplified and optimized by use of the same approach. The framework of PRINCE2 takes into account the most important variables of any project - Costs, Timescales, Quality, Scope, Risk and Benefits – through a careful and structured approach of planning tasks, delegation of duties and analyzing of results.

What’s unique about PRINCE2 is the way in which its 100% industry independent, which means it can be applied in pretty much any area of business and to any project therein. However, PRINCE2 training courses have long been associated primarily with construction and manufacturing industries, if for no other reason that these are sectors in which output can be measured by way of tangible products or goods.

The primary benefits of implementing PRINCE2 in a construction business include:

  • Optimal deployment of resources (human and otherwise)
  • Ongoing monitoring of the project’s viability and the ability to modify an approach or restart
  • Clear direction and fully implementable plan of action from start to finish
  • Better control of all project elements
  • Better communication at all levels
  • Minimized costs
  • Maximized efficiency

A PRINCE2 course gets across the importance of realizing that nobody involved in a construction project is working in a vacuum – also that every step and process has a direct impact on every other. Without flawless project management, it is inevitable that a variety of areas will encounter problems or setbacks along the way, thus throwing the success of the whole project into jeopardy.

PRINCE2 online training is all about taking all aspects of the project and converting them into quantifiable and measurable data, which can be analyzed and monitored in order to identify where things are straying from the norm. In any construction project, it is necessary for those involved to combine the input and the efforts of a great many different industries to make the build a success. Without solid management, it is impossible to bring all such elements together and make them work as one.

From the smallest of retail units to the largest of football stadiums, the right PRINCE2 course can have a huge impact on the success of a construction project. It enables project leaders to produce and follow a strategically formulated procedure and a workable checklist, which is adhered to guarantee a successful and wholly efficient outcome.

If you have a large project coming up or would like to improve your everyday efficiency, we would be delighted to offer you and your company our PRINCE2 experience on one of our great value, local to you training courses.




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