PRINCE2® for Investors

A project cannot succeed without the collaboration of all parties responsible for its delivery. Today, more than ever, the scale and size of projects is increasing and they're often too big and costly for a single organisation to manage and fund. Due to their scale and complexity these types of projects tend to require investment and become joint venture developments, meaning each investor holds a stake in the project.

There are number of different joint ventures, but in order to succeed they all require systematic project management. Without solid project planning and management the project will fail due to common mistakes being made.

As an investor or venture capitalist your clients' business plan is an essential piece of the puzzle. You need to know how much investment a project requires, where that investment will be spent, how long it is going to take and when you should expect to make a profit from your investment. As an investor this gives you the information to determine whether the project is desirable, viable for the investment that is needed and whether the business goals are achievable, and most importantly, if investment in the particular project worthwhile?  Investors can use the PRINCE2 framework to find out if the project is feasible and ensure they're asking the right questions at the right times and considering the business pitches. This gives investors the opportunity to approve or challenge decisions at the implementation stage.

PRINCE2 project management is defined by a structured methodology, which helps project managers to manage their projects in an organised and logical way following clearly defined steps. By breaking projects down into manageable steps, it enables efficient control of resources and regular progress monitoring throughout the project. Each stage of the project is regularly reviewed to ensure that the project objectives which can often change during the life of a project are still being met, and as an investor this gives you the opportunity to withdraw your investment.

Investors can rest assured that the PRINCE2 methodology is results-driven so project plans are focused on delivering results and investments, and are not just about planning when each activity throughout the project will take place. 

It’s clear to see that PRINCE2 has a great deal of use wherever you’re involved in the business world. Becoming PRINCE2 Certified in just 5 days (or 3 for PRINCE2 foundation!) unlocks a huge array of tools for planning, analysing, managing and investigating a project and its rewards. The PRINCE2 Online option even means that busy investors don't have to spend a week missing opportunities and meetings and can take the PRINCE 2 training course and sit the PRINCE 2 exams through a method and schedule that suits you perfectly.  Book a PRINCE 2 project management course today!


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