New to you, PRINCE2!

It is almost time to unleash the PRINCE2 2017 update! Back in January AXELOS announced that a PRINCE2 syllabus update was on its way, which would be the first substantial modification of PRINCE2 since 2009. The update will affect both Foundation and Practitioner training courses, however the overriding goal of PRINCE2 courses, to teach you how to be a successful project manager, will remain. The changes made to PRINCE2 will not be dramatic, however they will reflect progressions that have occurred in the business world over the last several years, whereby project management has been affected.

What are the fundamental changes?

The updated 2017 syllabus will feature in any PRINCE2 training course attended after 10th July 2017. But what will actually change?

The principal changes regard the structure of the Foundation and Practitioner examinations, the PRINCE2 guidance edition, and the content framework which will consist of the seven PRINCE2 principles, themes, and product processes.

As well as this, alterations are made regarding the adaptation of PRINCE2 methodology to fit specific business requirements and environments. To compliment this change, the themes have been reorganised which makes it easier to integrate precise tailoring examples. PRINCE2 principles are also revised, whilst the relationship between principles and themes is defined so you gain a better understanding of how they relate to each other.

The PRINCE2 2017 update pays more attention to the practical implementation of the methodology in a real work setting, and provides tips, hints, and examples which make it easier for you to successfully apply PRINCE2 in your workplace. PRINCE2 has always been concerned about making the program easily applicable to your own work circumstances, however this 2017 update goes that extra mile to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to confidently implement PRINCE2.


Why is the 2017 PRINCE2 update necessary?

As stated above, the last considerable PRINCE2 update took place in 2009, so AXELOS believed it was about time to renovate the globally renowned program. Developments in business practice are seemingly never-ending and much progress has been made over the last eight years, so an update seemed appropriate.

AXELOS listened to experts who work with PRINCE2 on a daily basis. They suggested an update would be beneficial, due to continuous technological developments that constantly heighten customer demands. Consequently, keeping up with competitors is made even more necessary, so this is what PRINCE2 2017 aims to achieve. The PRINCE2 2017 update enables the program to achieve its full potential by providing customers with the most recent and relevant project management precepts and materials.


How does the update affect me?

It will not be necessary for those with existing PRINCE2 certifications to retake the training course as their qualifications will remain valid, however we recommend that PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification holders become acquainted with the updated material. If you have any questions about the PRINCE2 2017 update, AXELOS has created a lengthy FAQ document for you to refer to.



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