Manufacturing with PRINCE2

It’s common knowledge across the manufacturing sector that the key to both succeeding and improving quality of output lies in better controlling everything that goes on within the ranks. When a business is allowed to just tick over with no specific thought or efforts made to analyze and control its various elements, it cannot be expected to progress to the next level or compete. It is only by digging to the very root of each process that it becomes possible to improve it, which in turn means breaking down the various elements of any given project into smaller, more manageable elements.

This is where PRINCE 2 training fits into the picture as one of the few courses and certification schemes in the world that’s universally applicable to all areas of the manufacturing industry. PRINCE2 is a project management training initiative and stands for ‘Projects in a Controlled Environment’, which to a great extent explains what it’s all about – control. When you have full and total control over a project, you get to decide the outcome. From the speed of completion to the efficiency of output to costs and so on and so forth, to take control is to get the final say in everything that happens…which is after all what business is all about.

In a manufacturing environment there are so many ways in which PRINCE2 certification could be put to good use. If for example it has come to light that the business as a whole could benefit from inventory stock levels being reduced and better controlled thereafter, the project could be made easy by breaking down the necessary steps and analyzing each through PRINCE2 methodology. Likewise, it could also be used to evaluate the way in which suppliers are approached for products in the first place and how procurement practices are handled – if the aim is to cut on-hand stock by 20% and free up resources, PRINCE 2 training can make the project both approachable and achievable.

In each and every project approached in the manufacturing industry there are the same variables to take into account – those being its Costs, Timescales, Quality, Scope, Risk and Benefits. These form the very heart of the PRINCE2 approach to project management, which can in turn help to ensure that every move made tips the balance in favor of the business and stands the best possible chance of succeeding.

Some of the core benefits that come along with the implementation of PRINCE 2 courses include:

  • Better deployment and organization of human resources
  • Better understanding of assets available and how to capitalize upon them
  • A new approach to the breaking down of all projects into fully controllable stages
  • The minimization of project costs and the maximization of efficiency

PRINCE2 is unique in that it enables project managers to look at every aspect of any given project in a quantifiable way, which in turn makes things like risk assessment and optimization infinitely easier. It can be implemented from the very moment the project is first dreamed up and continues long beyond its completion. 


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