Is PRINCE2 Worth it?

If you are looking for a training course in project management, you would’ve heard PRINCE2 left right and center, but is it really worth it? If you look online for a PRINCE2 course, you will be looking to spend around £500 - £1000 + but how much value will it give to your career? Will the certificate really increase your chances of getting a better job? Hopefully in this article, you will be able to understand how much value this qualification can give to you.

If you look at the recent survey from AXELOS, you will be able to see the feedback and comments from people taking a PRINCE2 course worldwide. It clearly shows that the majority of people who have taken a PRINCE2 course, felt like the certificate has been valuable to their career.  

PRINCE2 has become so popular that it has become an industry standard. This means that this global qualification is becoming a requirement to have when applying for jobs to the majority of businesses.  This also demonstrates how important it is to have a PRINCE2 certification as this will help you to become more employable having the potential of earning up to £50,000.

What is PRINCE2?

Projects in controlled environments (PRINCE2) is a project management methodology that is used worldwide by governments and private sectors. The techniques are very popular in the industry as it is designed to help you manage projects successfully in any environment.

How can I get a PRINCE2 qualification?

You will need to pass both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams to be able to gain the certificate. We do give you the option to take both courses which will take a week. You have to pass the foundation exam before taking the practitioner exam.

 Did you know that PRINCE2 is being updated?

That’s right, PRINCE2 is being updated this year! The foundation and practitioner questions will become more difficult but will have less questions. The training is now more focused on the essentials of the technique and how it can be applied within a project.

How long does the PRINCE2 qualification last for?

If you are taking the 2009 version of PRINCE2, you will be able to hold the certification for 5 years however, if you complete the PRINCE2 exam once it has been updated, you will be able to hold this for 3 years.

Should I take PRINCE2 now or wait for the updated version?

Although the updated version will have less questions, they will be more difficult. You will also have more time to hold the qualification than waiting for PRINCE2 2017 to arrive. The foundation and practitioner course only lasts for 5 days so we recommend to take the course as soon as possible. Why wait for 6 months when you can hold the qualification in a week?


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