How Training Your Employees in Prince2 Will Benefit Your Company

Good employees are the backbone of any business. If your business were a train, your employees would be the engine consistently driving it forwards, and similarly to an engine, the more you invest in your employees the greater the return. Analogies aside, investing in your employees both fiscally and holistically is a crucial practice for any business worth their salt, and developing your employees skill sets through targeted training programmes is one of the most effective ways to not only directly improve an employee's capabilities, but to ensure loyalty, inspire a greater work ethic, and tangentially, increase productivity and efficiency, all of which can only have positive impacts on the performance of your business, no matter the size.


Whilst in larger enterprises training programmes are regularly undertaken as part of standard practice, and as such, a specific budget is outlined for such expenditures, for smaller businesses the initial cost of outsourcing an employee training programme may seem too great. However, despite the bump of a requisite initial investment, surveys have shown that not only do employees think that training programmes have a direct and positive impact on their job role, but it has been proven across multiple projects that training your employees in specific methodologies and programmes outside of their work experience, has a direct and demonstrable impact on profit. Meaning your initial investment will be returned, plus interest.


In light of the favourable evidence proving the case for training programmes, the most difficult decision is in choosing the most beneficial programme for your employees. Regardless of your industry, training your employees in the correct tools for project management will ensure that they are better equipped to handle complex problem solving, communicative issues and are overall more successful in their roles. Out of all the project management methodologies Prince2 is perhaps the most universally applicable. A global industry standard in project management, Prince2 is not only recognised worldwide, but offers your employees a more rounded education in the skills that they, subconsciously, may already possess and utilise in their daily responsibilities.

The Benefits of Training in Prince2


Undertaking a Prince2 training programme can improve your employee’s productivity, efficiency and adherence to the highest quality standards of your company, as well as improving their ability to handle a greater, and more complex, variety of work. Moreover, the flexibility of the Prince2 training method inherently teaches adaptivity, meaning learning how to apply the Prince2 skills and methods to any task, or company.


Improves Their Leadership Skills

More than a managerial methodology, Prince2 encompasses all the facets of teaching students to become good leaders. Leadership isn’t just about directing the play, but also getting involved in the action, supporting the team in any way possible to make certain the job is completed to the highest standard. Essentially, being a good leader means investing your time, effort and energy into making something work, no matter the stakes.


Prince2 teaches leadership skills through multiple channels, but primarily through understanding the role scope plays in a project. By its dictionary definition, scope equates to perception, and perception is exactly what is in order to get the best work from a project team and subsequently, deliver the best results. Understanding the skills of each of the project team members, and adapting the workload to best benefit from each of their respective skill sets, enables a team to work more coherently, and more successfully. Similarly, perception allows a good project manager to pinpoint where weaknesses are, and adapt their own workload to cover it, supporting the team in all capacities.


Whether your employee is, or isn’t, in a leadership role currently, outside of priming them for a future promotion, learning the qualities of a good leader is applicable to working within any company. Working empathetically, intuitively and with initiative is invaluable both inside, and outside of project management. It enables an employee to facilitate the best work from themselves, and their colleagues, and encourages employees to work generously - becoming mindful of the collective output of the team, rather than only their own.

Improves Their Communication Skills

As Prince2 is, first and foremost, directed towards those in the project management profession, one of the key skills taught is how to communicate efficiently, as communication is at the heart of great project management. Leading a team made up of disparate members, with varied roles, whilst simultaneously ensuring internal and external stakeholders of the progression of the project means that learning to interact with, and accurately inform, a number of different people on a daily basis is essential.


Whether dealing with colleagues or clients, good communication is imperative in all businesses, and the adaptive nature of the communicative practices Prince2 teaches builds core competencies, enabling employees to be comfortable whether directing a meeting, or working as a team member.


Instructing the participants in essential tools, techniques and various communication procedures and methods of reporting, in line with the industry wide standard set by Prince2, your employee will become aware of the necessity of consistent communication, as well as understanding the importance of being able to adapt the modes and methods of communication to each particular task, or project.

Improves Their Time Management Skills

A core part of the Prince2 method is learning how to correctly structure any project or task into clearly defined steps in order to make it logical and organised. By carefully planning a project’s beginning, middle and end, or, planning the project prior to its outset, maintaining organisation and control, and tidying up loose ends, and ultimately, understanding how to prioritise, a Prince2 trained employee will minimize the risk of missing key deadlines and turning in unsatisfactory work.


Similarly, the Prince2 training programme places a heavy emphasis on using foresight to analyse and assess any potential for risk, and to implement strategies to mitigate and minimize the potential impact of future risk. Obviously, no one can predict the future, and inevitably there will be some paradigm that was unforeseen and unprepared for, however, by developing multiple safeguards, employees can reduce the time taken to deal with any fallout by utilising or combining any one of a number of potential safety nets.


Prince2 teaches vigilance in keeping to strict timeframes, and regardless of your employees’ role, the ability to be diligent and punctual in regards to task deadlines, and to think laterally and progressively about how decisions in the short term affect long-term goals, is a significant asset. Time, after all, is always money.

Improves Their Efficiency

Efficiency is vital for an employee, and consequently, a company, to compete for continued success is a developing, growing and ever changing marketplace, and it is no wonder that by following the globally developed strategies taught by Prince2, that your employee’s efficiency increases tenfold.


By focusing on the micro machinations of what makes your business tick, and investing in training your employees in becoming better leaders, communicators and analysts, the basic tenets of a highly efficient worker, the larger, macro, working of your business will similarly increase in both productivity and efficiency.



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