How to choose the right Prince2 Course for you

How to choose the right Prince2 Course for you

With the average number of job changes in a lifetime rising rapidly throughout the past decade, now, more of us than ever are recognising the benefits of a transferable CV. By investing your time and resources in learning new skills, you’re potentially opening the door to a new career, an increased salary, and a new world.


As businesses continually chase the new edge in an increasingly competitive global economy, more are realising the benefits of hiring qualified project managers to deliver consistent results across a range of projects, resulting in an exciting new profession with rapid growth and global prospects.


To those unfamiliar with the term, project management is a strategy that dictates the way in which a project is executed at every level, aiming to maximise profit and efficiency at each step along the way. As it is progressively utilised to bring projects in under budget, on time and with greater results, people with demonstrable experience in project management are becoming increasingly sought after.


However, gaining access to the world of project management without the right workplace opportunities can seem a little daunting, but with a number of programmes and qualifications on offer to provide you with the necessary training, getting your foot in the door has never been easier.

What is Prince2?

Simply put, Prince2 is the industry standard in project management. It comprehensively maps management methodologies, roles and techniques, allowing for a simpler and more controlled application of responsibilities and processes, across a spectrum of industries and individual projects.


Offering qualifications for both beginners and project management professionals, certifying yourself in Prince2 is one of the most straightforward ways for you to educate yourself in the necessary skills to becoming a bankable project manager.

Why should I choose a Prince2 qualification?

Prince2 is a globally recognised qualification, if you’re looking to improve your employment prospects, break into project management, or further your career, domestically or internationally, it is the key qualification employers look for.


Moreover, Prince2 ensures that you’re educated in only the most relevant and necessary competencies industry wide. By teaching you how to manage projects more effectively within the industry standard, Prince2 equips you with the ability to tailor your learning to projects of any size, industry or global position. It provides all project managers with the structure they need to ensure all deadlines are met, and that there is a framework in place to help hit core KPIs.


So, now you know the what and why, how do you choose the right Prince2 course for you?


Considering all variables, it ultimately boils down to two things, your current experience and your future ambitions, but let’s break it down a little further.

Prince2 Foundation

Who is Prince2 Foundation for?

As indicated by its name, the Prince2 Foundation course is structured towards those who are just beginning to consider a career in project management, or build up their understanding of project management in the workplace.

What are the benefits of Prince2 Foundation?

By studying Prince2 Foundation, you will develop an understanding of the principles, terminology and structure of the Prince2 framework.


Routinely applied to projects worldwide, this insight enables you to act as an informed and proactive member of any project management team, providing you with the necessary groundwork on which to build real time work experience.


Recognised, and used as a valuable recruitment tool, by employers across the public and private sector, Prince2 Foundation is an not only an asset for your CV, but allows you to impress with real time application.


Qualifying with Prince2 Foundation also builds the necessary knowledge base to later pass Prince2 Practitioner.

How easy is it to pass Prince2 Foundation?

The straight answer? Extremely easy.


Accepting candidates with no prior training or experience, the Prince2 Foundation course provides all materials necessary to facilitate your learning, from a short preparatory induction course, to revision materials and past exam papers.


For those of you who haven’t been back to school for a while, experienced tutors guide you through the process, from the first day of teaching, to the final exam.

Prince2 Practitioner

Who is it Prince2 Practitioner For?

Prince2 Practitioner is aimed specifically at those who have already passed the Prince2 Foundation qualification, or candidates who have long-term experience in project or general management and are looking to validate, or expand, their current skillset.

What are the benefits of Prince2 Practitioner?

Training in Prince2 Practitioner provides you with the necessary skills to develop your understanding of the framework of Prince2 from the theoretical to the practical.

On completion of the course, you will be able to apply your knowledge to real time scenarios, scale your understanding to different project circumstances and effectively, manage your own project within the Prince2 framework.


The benefits of possessing these skills are innumerable in both the workplace, and the job market. As a certified, experienced, project manager, with a mastery of the industry standard application, you will be able to significantly improve the results of your own projects, as well as becoming a highly desired candidate in any sector.

How easy is it to pass Prince2 Practitioner?

Whilst access to Prince2 Practitioner requires a more in-depth, and specific, knowledge base, learning is still fully assisted via a range of; materials, experienced tutors and online forums.


Following the same teaching structure as the Foundation, albeit over 3 days, passing the Practitioner requires the completion of a short preparatory course, tutor led study and a final exam.


However, in order to maintain your status as a registered Prince2 Practitioner you must re-register within 3-5 calendar years of your original certification.

Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner

Who is Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner For?

Consolidating the syllabuses of the Foundation and Practitioner into an intensive 5 days, Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner is ideal for beginners, or professionals, looking to make an immediate break into the project management profession, or instantly elevate their career prospects.

What are the benefits of Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner?

The primary benefit is the speed at which you can transform yourself, and your career. By amalgamating the two courses and exams into a working week, project management novices can walk out with a qualification and temperament, that puts them several rungs up the career ladder - not to mention the wealth of easily applicable and transferable skills gained.

What study options are available for Prince2?

Whilst the majority of people studying Prince2 do so in venue specific classrooms around the world, there are a number of flexible options when it comes to choosing how you qualify in Foundation, Practitioner, or Foundation and Practitioner.


With Prince2 training offered at multiple locations across the UK, wherever you’re based you have the option to study Prince2 in the traditional classroom environment. Hosted by highly skilled tutors, the classroom environment offers the benefit of immediate interaction and to complete any of the Prince2 qualifications in a matter of days.


Understandably, taking multiple days off work isn’t possible for everyone, as such, the majority of providers facilitate Prince2 courses online. Allowing you to work at any location, at your own pace, and with easy access to an online instructor and message board, the online course is no less interactive.


The exam can also be taken online, using a webcam, microphone and a stable internet connection


If you’re an employer looking to train up multiple employees, instructors can travel to you, and complete any of the Prince2 courses onsite. Saving your employees time and money, and allowing you to monitor their progress throughout the qualification, onsite training is favoured by companies with a larger delegate group.


By learning with Prince2 you’re not just equipping yourself with the necessary skills to change or upgrade your career, but arming yourself with a set of instantly transferable, recognisable and functional techniques necessary to excel in any workplace.


With more people than ever switching into project management, why wait?



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