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Many changes and innovations in today's competitive business environment are managed as projects, because they tend to be unique efforts that require the skills to meet deadlines, the ability to budget, multi-task and manage a team of people. Whether you're already working in a competitive business environment, want to take your first step into project management or you are an experienced project manager with years of knowledge and training behind you, a PRINCE2 Practitioner course will benefit people of all expertise and levels.

Without a doubt, a PRINCE2 qualification is the greatest asset for your resume and is the only way to get recognised in today's competitive business environment. PRINCE2 can be tailored to anyone, at any level. If you're new to the project management or are just looking to get your foot in the door the PRINCE2 is a great stepping stone, it'll provide you with the tools you need to speak the 'project management language', it will enable you to understand the fundamental concepts of projects and gain real life knowledge about real project management situations. Essentially if you're new to project management, PRINCE2 will help build on what you have learnt at University.

If on the other hand you have vast experience in the sector, don't be fooled into thinking PRINCE2 isn't for you, because it is. If you have experience of project management PRINCE2 will enable you to build and develop that knowledge further, it'll add knowledge to the capabilities that you have already gained and give a name to the theories behind the project management processes you've been using and ensure you're sticking to good practice. By undertaking a PRINCE2 course as an experienced project manager you're guaranteed to gain more real life experiences so you can develop your skills and knowledge.

Essentially, whether you're new to project management or have 10 years experience, PRINCE2 is all about collaborating book knowledge with real word experiences and scenarios. PRINCE2 will provide you with the tools to be able to manage resources and give you the ability to manage business and project risks more effectively. A PRINCE2 course will ensure you learn project management best practices that will provide you with the knowledge to make fewer mistakes, save money, time, resources and effort.

PRINCE2 is a project management method that has be designed to provide a framework that covers a wide variety of disciplines, activities and processes that are required throughout the lifetime of a project. Therefore PRINCE2 can be adapted and tailored to suit all project types and levels. Holding a PRINCE2 qualification gives you universal recognition in the eyes of recruiters and managers and shows that you’re a serious player in the world of project management.

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