Directing Projects With PRINCE2

It at all there is a way in which the projects can be managed in a logical, efficient and correct way without wastage of time and money then it is the Prince2 project management methodology. The Prince2 way has been accepted by the business fraternity to be the best possible approach to project management worldwide. In fact it is de facto standard of project management, a baseline for efficiently initiating, directing and controlling a project irrespective of the product ordered, its size, geographic location and the kind of environment in which it has to be accomplished. 

Coming to directing a project, well it is the leadership qualities of the project leader that are tested here.  The aim of directing a project process is to enable the Project Board to be accountable for the project’s success by making key decisions and exercising overall control while delegating day-to-day management of the project to the Project Manager. The objective of the Directing a Project process is to ensure that there is authority to initiate the project, there is authority to deliver the project’s products. In addition, directing a project also means that management direction and control are provided throughout the project’s life, and that the project remains viable. The post project benefits are taken into consideration at this stage of the project. Prince2 practitioners become adept at directing a project after doing Prince2 Course.

The journey of the project from “starting a project” stage to “initiating a project” stage to “directing a project” stage culminates at “closing the project” stage. The purpose of closing a project is to provide a fixed point at which acceptance for the project product is confirmed, and to recognize that objectives set out at the initiation stage have been achieved.  Before handing over the project to the end user the project is reviewed against the baselines set and ensure that user accepts it in totality for its design as well as quality. The financial audits are done to prove that benefits that the project was envisaged to give have been accrued and that the balance benefits would be accrued post completion. Prince2 Training disseminates the subject of Prince2 project management methodology which is the most logical and efficient way in which a project can be managed. Go for it.


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