10 Project Management Trends for 2015

10 Project Management Trends for 2015


Project management is a profession that's ever changing, due to the fact it must respond to the changing market. The very fact that many project managers are involved in the business of major chance, it's crucial to stay up to up to date with the latest trends so that you can keep pace whether involved in a public or private project team or acting as an individual consultant. Here are our top predictions for project management in 2015.


More Technology

2015 will see a rise in technology within businesses, but whether this will be a blessing or a curse is yet to be seen. In 2015 organisations need to make sure they plan backups in case their technology fails.


Mobile Technology

With more investments being made to technology in 2015, we will also see organisations adopting a mobile strategy. Mobile strategies will include BYOD and flexible working policies and therefore the technology within an organisation needs to be able to handle this and therefore technical upgrades will have to be made, but in order for them to be done successfully there must be a clear IT update project management strategy in place.



With mobile working comes the security implications. The cyber attacks that we have experienced in 2014 have made IT departments realise the effects that cyber security breaches have had on organisations. Therefore IT infrastructure will not only be upgraded to accommodate mobile technology,  decision makers and project managers will also be looking at putting cyber security at the forefront of their business.


Increased Spending

Next year we'll see an increase in spending for IT infrastructure and therefore IT project managers will have more to implement of a wider scale, meaning their strategy and process will need to be even more precise.



We'll see more collaboration between project managers and project teams. Collaboration will be an important part of 2015 because it's what makes an effective project and a successful business. Collaboration has always been an important part of businesses processes which means in 2015 organisations will need to ensure that there are ways to make this collaboration as easy as possible to ensure it has maximum benefit to the organisation.


Developments Outside of Project Management

We will see developments which will affect business practices and legislations. For example, more rights to Scotland after the Referendum, the 2015 general election in the UK, the removal of roaming charges in the European Union which will make business cheaper and therefore organisations will need to be prepared for this.


As the global economy recovers we're going to see an increase in recruitment which means it's essential you have the desirable skills, accreditations and qualifications that project managers are looking for. Employees are demanding the relevant experience as the relevant qualifications and accreditations show employees that you're serious about project management, one way to show this is through PRINCE2 training.


Increase in Leadership

With recruitment comes an increase in leadership over management. As project become more fluid it's essential that teams have the right leadership and project managers. It's not about management so much in 2015, it'll be about the ability to lead a project a success.


Shorter Life Cycles

The pressure to bring new business practices, technology, products and services to market quickly has increased over the years. 2015 will see an increase pressure for project leaders and managers to reduce the project management life cycle and deliver their projects quicker. There will be increased pressure to reduce the time it takes to get products, services and new technology to market.


Global Recognition

Last but certainly not least, PRINCE2 will continue to grow globally in 2015.


These 10 trends for project management in 2015 are feeding and developing the project management industry and keeping project managers on their toes at all times. If you want to be a successful project leader in 2015 act on these trends now.


Do you agree with these trends or so you see other things happening to the project management profession in 2015? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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